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Start selling via Telegram in minutes

To create your own bot, you need to go to then choose in Menu /newbot.
Next you need to enter the desired name, then desired link with suffix bot, for example: myCafeBot or myCafe_bot.
Next you will get token, it needs insert to shop settings.

Go to the Dashboard your shop, next go to bot settings and copy link of the button.
Then go to and on the Menu select /mybots next click on your bot.
For button setting your need to go to "Bot Settings" > "Menu Button" > "Configure menu button" next send to bot copied link and next enter button name, for example "Menu".

For this you need go to and in "Menu" select /mybots, click on your bot.
Next you need "Payments" and select one of the payment systems that you will use.
Keep in mind, that Test or Sandbox its only test payments, they will not будуть withdraw real money. That real accept payments you need connect Live payments.
After successful connect after a while in in "Payments" settings your bot, you will see merchant token, it need copy to settings your shop.

For this go to the Dashboard your shop, in "Products" menu you need select "Import" bottom of the page and select available POS for import.